From Reluctance to Representation

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by Eric Mason

Please watch this video from the Reform & Resurge 2006 Session 10 with Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, as he talks about, "From Reluctance to Representation." Eric Mason gives us a great current cultural perspective as we preach the gospel today by looking at the icons that have affected our view on values today. The focus of cultural study is looking at the ripples of the hip-hop generation. Using Haggai chapter two Eric Mason reveals our purpose for missional living in our land. As ministers we have to stop dividing over form of ministry but concentrate on the function of the ministry as being faithful in expressing the gospel. Likewise if we have a proper view of God's perspective it should challenge us in purpose as well as shape our purpose. This involves us repenting on how we believe the Kingdom is to come and embrace God's plan of the Kingdom, thus truly able to represent God in all areas of our life.



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