The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

by David Wells


In this audio listen to the first of the 6 main sessions from the Desiring God 2006 National Conference. In this mp3 you will hear David Wells speak on "The Supremacy of Christ in the Postmodern World. Here is what David had to say about his message:

The Postmodern reaction against Enlightenment dogma will not be met successfully simply by Christian proclamation. Of that we can be sure. That proclamation must arise within a context of authenticity. It is only as the evangelical Church begins to put its own house in order, its members begin to disentangle themselves from all of those cultural habits which militate against a belief in truth, and begin to embody that truth in the way that the Church actually lives, that postmodern skepticism might begin to be overcome. Postmoderns want to see as well as hear, to find authenticity in relationship as the precursor to hearing what is said. This is a validf and biblical demand. Faith, after all, is dead without works, and few sins are dealt with as harshly by Jesus asa hypocrisy. What postmoderns want to see, and are entitled to see, is believing and being, talking and doing, all joined together in a seamless whole. This is the great challenge of the moment for the evangelical Church. Can it rise to this occasion? This is a time of extraordinary opportunity and this time brings with it an extraordinary challenge. Can the evangelical church once again find its authenticity? Can it find its voice? There is no human perfection in this world and there are no golden ages in the life of the Church. There are simple moments when the Church is either less authentic or more authentic. We, today, are rapidly descending into serious inauthenticity. However, the people of God, across the ages, have also learned that they can, indeed, recover their lost authenticity when they are willing to cry to God from the depths and make good on what has gone badly. Today is just such a day and God has always been, and always will be, the God of new beginnings.*

Special thanks for our friends at Desiring God for giving us permission to podcast these sessions. *Copyright 2006 Desiring God

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