Christianity and Liberalism

by Gary Shavey


On Thursday, May 3rd, 2007, at Mars Hill Church's West Seattle campus, Pastor Gary Shavey gave the first of a five-part lecture series called "Christianity and..." Pastor Gary's topic was Christianity and Liberalism. Listen as he lays out a little bit of history on just what Liberalism is, and what it's role in today's culture is, as well as what our Biblical response to Liberalism should be. Background Defining Liberalism – the word liberal derives from the Latin liber, associated with the word liberty and the concept of freedom Broad Meaning – liberalism holds that individual liberty is the primary political value emphasizing individual rights. Seeking a society characterized by freedom of thought for individuals. Founding of America

Classical Liberalism

Political Liberalism

Social Liberalism Cultural Liberalism Neo-Liberalism Liberalism in Christianity Christian liberalism is the reinterpreting of the Christian faith by the philosophy of the day, claiming such a mixture to be the truest form of Christianity. Protestant Liberalism (or Modernism) Science & Humanism Social Gospel Save the world The Bible Whose is it? Under or Over? The Trinity God the Father, Man the son and feelings the Holy Spirit! The Nature of Man Make our future? Salvation Who does what in salvation? The Mission of the Church What do we do and why do we do it? Conclusion John 18:37-38 1 Corinthians 15 Romans 1

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