Christ and Culture Revisted

by Sandy Wilson


In May 2007, Resurgence had the opportunity to participate in and record the content from the first Gospel Coalition conference. In this breakout session from the conference, listen as Sandy Wilson talks on Christ and Culture Revisited. In this session, among other key points, Sandy explains the 2 main dangers of Christian and Culture: Assimilation and Withdrawal and talks about the fives ways that Christ can interact with culture:

  1. Christ against Culture - Amish, Quakers, etc.
  2. Christ of Culture - Schleiermacher, dialog about Christ in every culture.
  3. Christ over Culture - Roman Catholicism, Christ's reign over nature and grace
  4. Christ and Culture in paradox - parallel ways of life. Culture cannot be redeemed and thus must be overwhelmed
  5. Christ transforming Culture - Augustine, Calvin

Sandy argues that No. 2 (Christ of Culture) is not even Christian and an illegitimate perspective, and further goes on to argue that authentic Christianity engaging with with culture, at different times and places will look like a blend of No. 1, 3, 4, and 5.

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