Parenting Old-School with the OT

by Adriel Ifland


Who wants to read about stuffy old law, anyway? Jesus came and we have grace and love now, right? Jani Ortlund, the wife of Ray Ortland Jr., and author of His Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy would graciously counter that grace was given to the Israelites before the law, and that the law was a gift of love from God, not slavery. In her interview she discusses her love of the Bible and commands that are not only in the Old Testament, but the New. She informs us that the law is meant to point us to Jesus as we cannot live up to its standards. Jesus cleanses us and frees us to love him back, and the law is a picture of what God is like. Formerly a school teacher, Jani saw the removal of the Ten Commandments from the walls of her school. With a deep love for Jesus and the law that God gave, she was burdened to share with families the practical teaching of the Ten Commandments as conduits to Christ and a gift of life to be passed on to the next generation. This wise and gracious woman clearly loves Jesus and clearly loves the Word.

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