Ain't No Party Like the Holy Ghost Party

by Gary Shavey


An Interview with Dr. Sam Storms Signs of the SpiritIn the book Signs of the Spirit by Dr. Sam Storms we see articulation of many things about Jonathan Edwards' view of the spiritual life. Edwards' Religious Affections were written in the time of Revival or what folks might call a Holy Ghost Party. The outcome from Dr. Storms book is a fresh and encouraging look at getting to really understand one of the greatest works by an American theologian. This book is in no way trying to help people police the work of the Holy Spirit. In fact the attempt is to get people understanding Edwards' thoughts on believers who love Jesus to have a heart aflame for God and life. By staying biblically grounded one can truly embrace full humanity, emotions, intellect, spiritual affections in the redeemed image of God. Please take a listen to Sam Storms thoughts.

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