Our Land of Blur and The 5 Points of Paganism

by Gary Shavey


Same-sex marriage, gender confusion, yoga, enlightened thinking, secular-humanism, relativism, pluralistic diversities known as Universities (college), deism, integrative thinking, monism, the ever so popular book "The Secret" … all have the same root: neo-paganism. Resurgence is hosting two free events on January 8, 2008 to help the church and believers understand and address this root issue. We invite all Pacific Northwest pastors, church planters and ministry leaders to join Dr. Peter Jones, professor and author, for a free morning workshop that includes lunch. For the morning, we will hear and discuss how to pastor in the 'spirit of the age' as Dr. Jones takes a hard exegetical look at Romans chapter 1. Please sign up" so we have a head count for lunch. Then, at 7pm on the Mars Hill Church Ballard Campus, we have an open invite (free) to all who want to know more about neo-paganism and how it has created our Land of Blur. Appropriately subtitled "The 5 Points of Paganism," Dr. Jones will help define paganism as it is seen today. He will speak about how the majority of life-issues have been blurred or deemed relative. Yet throughout the ages, even unbelieving philosophers have realized that without the edges, lines or structure, chaos ensues. As believers, we realize that God has redeemed chaos through Jesus. Come for the evening to learn how to bring the light and focus of Jesus into this dark and blurred world. Please sign up now. Finally, enjoy this interview conducted with Dr. Peter Jones, professor at Westminster Seminary and executive director of Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet. Dr. Jones is one of the leading theologians devoted to understanding the undermining of neo-paganism in our culture today. His expertise is invaluable to the health of our churches and the mission we are on with Jesus. These events will be a great introduction to our National Resurgence Conference: Text & Context / Acts 29 Church Planting Boot Camp.

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