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Having now settled back in to work at Mars Hill, I wanted to publicly thank my new friends from Australia—and there are hundreds of them! My family enjoyed three weeks in Sydney, and then poppa-daddy had a good week and a half of preaching in and around Sydney as well as in Brisbane. God gave me a deep heart for the country, a deep love for the churches, and a deep passion to return to learn and serve some more. Some kind folks sent a few photos of two of the largest events at which I had the honor of preaching. The first was the Burn Your Plastic Jesus event in the Sydney Entertainment Center. It was humbling to see the ten thousand seats sell out the day before the event and to have the honor of preaching Jesus to that many people. It was a night I'll never forget. One pastor said the room had not been filled up by an evangelical preacher since Billy Graham preached there thirty years prior.

The second was the Rice Rally (I did not name it that) for around four thousand Asian students. In the front row with me (I'm the one white guy in the stadium) are my wife Grace, our daughter Ashley, and my new friend Steve Chong and his great wife Naomi. You can pray for their church plant in Sydney.

I learned a ton on this trip. Especially helpful was seeing the fruit of the work of the Jensen brothers, who are the two barrels of the gospel gun for Sydney Anglicanism. While in Australia I met hundreds of men who said they want to be considered for church planting. So, we're working on a plan.

For those who think of it, you can pray for two things.

One we are in early discussions about my possible return to Sydney for some evangelistic preaching to as many as forty thousand people if we can work out the details.

Two Pastor Scott Thomas and Pastor Tyler Powell who run the Acts 29 Church Planting Network are working out the details of a return trip to evaluate church planters and to see if we can be of assistance to some major denominations while also helping independent church planters.

It is a big task and we can use a lot of prayer for wisdom on how to organize a version of Acts 29 in Australia and when to return to kick it off.

For my Aussie posse, stay tuned, because I'll be back . . .

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