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Some years ago I started using the Logos Bible software on a Dell laptop. It rocked harder than an Ozzfest encore. Then Macs took off like a trailer in a hurricane. This left me with a torrid dilemma because I preferred to have a Mac and that uber-cool multi-touch function, but the Mac did not run Logos.

So, I got a MacBook Pro and tried to run the Logos Bible software through Parallels, which was as clunky and odd as Mike Tyson in a spelling bee. Thankfully, my good friends at Logos started working on a Mac version of the best Bible software in the world. Even the beta version worked well and got the job done well enough that I gave up on Parallels. Now the latest version of Logos for Mac is out, meaning that both barrels of Bible study are fully loaded. This week I picked up the most recent Mac version of Logos from and it is great. If you are a preacher, teacher, or even simply a devoted student of Scripture, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to ask your friends, family, and even church members, if you are a pastor, to get you Logos for Christmas. Personally, I could not do my job without it. I have a ton of great commentaries loaded up for a fraction of the cost of their print versions, and I personally enjoy the package of theological journals that allows me to search by text or topic for great scholarly insight. Two other things make Logos great. First, the ability to cut and paste from various Bible study resources—from commentaries to journal articles and systematic theologies—into blogs, curriculum, and books and retain the footnoting saves me literally dozens if not hundreds of hours a year. Second, the freedom that comes from having an enormous library on my laptop allows me to work while traveling, and permits days of silence and solitude out of town where lots of study can still be done without packing a U-Haul full of books. I know the folks at Logos personally and consider them friends. Their vision to help people study the Bible is fantastic. Their product is the best on the market. And the Mac version is a great gift just in time for Christmas, for which I thank God.

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