How Could the Church Help Transform the World? - Vintage Church

Mark Driscoll

In the twelfth and final chapter of Vintage Church we answer the question, "How Could the Church Help Transform the World?" In this chapter we focus on the importance of Christians and churches getting upstream to major cities where culture is made for the purpose of effective culture change. Much of this chapter will echo themes Dr. Tim Keller and others have stressed in their ministries. I also quote at length some very important thinking on this issue from sociologist Dr. James Davison Hunter. An excerpt on the role of church in culture from Vintage Church pages 303-304 says: Sadly, most cities do not have enough churches that are cities within the city. As a result, masses of people do not hear about Jesus, and makers of culture do not hear about Jesus. Therefore, missional churches everywhere need to make a focused effort to concentrate on planting missional churches in cities. In our history as an urban church, this has always been our heart and by God's grace we have seen many other churches planted that are likewise strategically focused on major cities. (Go to for more information about our church planting network.) I want to be clear and stress that God loves all people and we need missional churches everywhere. Still, because of the city's strategic importance, resources such as money and leaders should be sent to the city to plant missional churches as cities within cities on mission for the gospel. These upstream churches are the best opportunity we have to reach new generations, new residents, new cultures, new subcultures, and new culture creators and transformers.... Remember, suburban and rural areas along with other cities in the nation and other nations of the earth can be reached from the city because the city is so far upstream.

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