My spring was crazy

Mark Driscoll
The past month has been very busy and people have had a lot of questions about various projects so here is the update:

Religion Saves On Shelves Now

My newest book is out on shelves now. Entitled Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions, the book is based on the sermon series that I preached at the beginning of 2008. The series was inspired by 1 Corinthians, in which Paul responds to a series of questions from people in the Corinthian church. I decided to do something similar by preaching a series answering the big questions and issues in our own day, so we tried an experiment. We opened up our website for people to post any question, make comments about posted questions, and vote for their favorite questions. In the end, 893 questions were asked, 5,524 comments were made, and 343,203 votes were cast. I answered the top nine questions in the sermon series, and the book Religion Saves expands on the sermon series. You can read a sample chapter from the book, watch the sermons, and buy the book at .

I Finished Writing Doctrine

Last week, after much work and many late nights, I finally turned in the manuscript for the book Doctrine to Crossway. It was a mammoth undertaking, weighing in at 135,000 words and nearly 2000 footnotes, and my friend Gerry Breshears and I have been living like it’s finals week for over a month to get this book finished. The book is basically a systematic theology, and it’s based on the Doctrine series of sermons I preached in the spring of 2008, which we use as our membership class at Mars Hill. The book will hit shelves sometime around the end of the year or the beginning of next year and follows the storyline of the Bible.

The Hour of Power

On Sunday, June 14, I preached two sermons at the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. The trip went well. I paid my own travel expenses and preached without an honorarium as a way to ensure I was just serving Jesus. Everyone was super kind and allowed me to preach Jesus without edits. The sermons will be broadcast to 12 million people nationwide on the “Hour of Power” TV show, so please pray that people meet Jesus. They don’t have a firm date yet for when the show will be broadcast, but we’ll let you know on the Resurgence and on my Facebook and Twitter , so keep checking back. My first sermon was on Jesus’ claims to be God, and the second was a brutal tour of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in our place for our sins.

Free Gift for Dads: Pastor Dad

For Father’s Day, I released a short book on fatherhood called Pastor Dad, which is adapted from an eighty-one-minute sermon I preached in 2001, and includes a few stories about the Fantastic Five—the Driscoll kids. This book is a simple attempt to help God’s men be a “poppa daddy,” as my kids call me. Pastor Dad is available free online at . After some final trips to preach at the Advance Conference in Raleigh and also the annual Acts 29 retreat in Vail, Colorado, I am working a normal schedule, enjoying having the kids home for the summer, and looking forward to our trip to Israel next month.
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