Church Planters Are My Heroes

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by Glenn Lucke » Categories: Church Worldviews Church Leadership Church Planting Culture

While we were in New York, Glenn Lucke also interviewed Scott Kauffmann, one of the Executive Directors of Redeemer City to City, the church planting ministry of Redeemer Church with Pastor Tim Keller. Scott's team creates new content and resources to help Christians love their cities to life.


Interview Outline

New York City

00:35 - Growing up in London
02:09 - How has moving to Manhattan affected your family?
05:19 - How do you respond to people asking you for money?
06:33 - The differences in people you interact with in New York
08:46 - New York brings talented people together—how have you experienced that?
12:31 - What is it about Redeemer's DNA that encourages people to pursue intellectual excellence outside of their profession? 

Redeemer Ministries

15:41 - How do you act out head, heart, and hands in Manhattan?
23:46 - Do you end up writing books for church planters that get read by pastors who aren't church planters?
25:58 - The start of the new gospel-centered movement

Church Planting

27:57 - Why are church planters your heroes?
30:13 - What content are you providing through City to City?
32:43 - Where do you see City to City in 10 years?
34:51 - Where should people go to find resources?

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