Get off the treadmill

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You ever spent time on a treadmill?

I know someone who calls it a dreadmill. When I was trying out for the Rams (back when they were in Los Angeles), they put us through a physical. It was like 12 hours long, and they checked everything about nine times. One of the things they did was put us on a treadmill and hook electrodes all over us. We started walking and then they sped up the treadmill and increased the incline. We’d go faster and faster and faster until we dropped. It was its own type of hell.

You know, that’s what the devil will do to you.

He’ll get you on the treadmill of life and get you running and running, and before you know it you collapse.

And God will ask, “Why were you on that treadmill?”
You’ll say something like, “That’s what I thought I had to do, God!”
He’ll say, “No no no. All you had to do is sit before me—I’ll give you the work you’re supposed to do.”

It’s true. Sometimes all the busy work we’re doing is “for the Lord.” And it doesn’t matter, we’ll still burn out.

Think about the advice Moses got from his father-in-law. Day after day, the people were lining up to talk to Moses, who would sit for hours hearing their complaints and making judgments. Jethro came for a visit and immediately saw that all that good work kept Moses from God. “You will certainly wear yourselves out,” Jethro tells him. He told Moses to instead appoint leaders to share the work, and then to go “represent the people before God.”

Whatever you’re dealing with, seek God, and God will get it right.



 This post originally appeared on Miles Mcpherson’s site. Pastor Miles will be speaking at our upcoming 2012 Resurgence Conference. The conference kicks off in just 20 days, so get your ticket today!

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