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Perfect match

We’ve reached an agreement with Tyndale House Publishers to publish numerous titles under a new imprint called Resurgence Publishing (the last two books with the Re:Lit name will be released this spring). Tyndale will publish all of my (Pastor Mark’s) work moving forward, in addition to other Resurgence authors whom we’ll announce in the coming months. We’ll kick things off this fall with the launch of my next book.

Tyndale and Resurgence are about as close as you can get to a perfect match. For our part, we produce a ton of content—books, study guides, curriculums—and Tyndale offers a unique combination of theological integrity, practical knowledge, and industry experience that is rare in the world of Christian publishing.

“We are honored to be the publishing partner for Resurgence Publishing,” says Ron Beers, senior vice president for the Tyndale House Publishing Group. “Resurgence and Mars Hill are known for engaging culture with biblical truth—no easy task these days. They do this with excellence and in highly creative ways, without compromising the biblical message. This is also Tyndale’s sweet spot, and together I hope and pray that we will be used by the Holy Spirit to help spark a resurgence of genuine faith in our country and in other countries around the world.”

We’re very excited to see what God does with this new partnership. We pray that our work together results in many useful tools that help Christians everywhere grow in relationship with Jesus, live for him, and lead others to him.

Wanna write for us?

Since Resurgence jumped into the publishing world back in 2008, we’ve released almost 30 titles from over a dozen authors, selling a collective total of over 750,000 books. Lord willing, that’s just the beginning.

Our goal is to publish 5 to 7 Resurgence books per year from a wide range of voices. Tyndale has graciously given us the leeway and the resources to recruit authors, so we want to open it up and see what the Holy Spirit does.

We’re looking for men and women writers of all ages and backgrounds with a heart to call God’s people to action, motivated by the saving grace of God and equipped with the message of life-changing truth, and who are passionate about making a difference and not just a point. Please prayerfully consider submitting your own.


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We hope to hear from many of you soon, and we ask all of you for your prayers as we pursue this new venture. To God be the glory, and may salvation come to many more of his people. 

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