Resurgence roundup, 3/20/13

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Sail through the flood of information with our weekly Resurgence Roundups. Each Friday, we will share a list of articles across ministry tribes that our team has found helpful with the hope of serving you well.

Don’t waste your spike: Easter attendance, effective follow-up, and your church,” by Ed Stetzer

Churches across the country are currently making plans for Easter. There are countless hours being spent in preparations to welcome what will most likely be a sizeable increase in attendance.

So, what are your plans for following up with new guests after Easter? Don’t fret if you’re behind. Dr. Stetzer has you covered with some practical tips.

The Truth of the Cross, by R.C. Sproul

Dr. Sproul’s ebook The Truth of the Cross is available for free. This is a great introduction to the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Do yourself a favor and get this.

The Ethics of Personhood,” by Justin Holcomb

There’s a ton of information circulating these days about loving and treating others with respect and dignity, but why? Most of the reasons provided are nothing more than bumper sticker slogans and shareable memes. Here Dr. Holcomb shows you why the biblical understanding of personhood is the foundation for treating others like Christ.

Where will I take them?” by Karen Gaul

At some point in your life, someone you love and care for will struggle with sin, suffer, and experience hurt. When—not if—this happens, where will you take them?

Will you tell them to read the Bible, attend a worship service, or better understand the sovereignty of God? While all of these are great responses, Karen Gaul shows why it’s best to lead people to Jesus Christ.

So, was there anything going on in the news this week?

Same-sex marriage has been in the headlines all week long. Here is one post we read this week, and another we re-read:

Just for fun

Kung-fu Grandpa in the Food lion parking lot: "I’m out here practicing, getting ready for Easter sunday. Jesus gonna rise up, I’m gonna whoop the devil, right out here in the parking lot."

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