Resurgence roundup, 4/12/13

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Sail through the flood of information with our weekly Resurgence Roundups. Each Friday, we will share a list of articles across ministry tribes that our team has found helpful with the hope of serving you well.

My take: How churches can respond to mental illness,” by Ed Stetzer

Many churches struggle to understand mental illness and how to respond with grace, love, and support for those who struggle with it. “So,” asks Ed, “what can we do as people of faith to address issues of mental illness?” In answering his question, Dr. Stetzer provides four practical steps church leaders can take in coming alongside of and support those afflicted with mental illness.

7 distinguishing characteristics of unified churches,” By Thom Rainer

Corporate prayer, intentional small groups, and Sunday school ministries are just a few Thom discusses here.

Acceptable pride?” by Craig Groeschel

Has social media blurred the line of what is and is not considered prideful? What if Craig retweets others’ praise for his sermons, books, or What if he shares that from the pulpit? In this post, Craig gives a thoughtful words on how we draw attention to ourselves.

The atheist’s dilemma,” by Jordan Monge

At age 4, Jordan’s mother found her arguing with another child at a birthday party: “But how do you know what the Bible says is true?” By middle school, her skepticism grew to full-blown atheism, which she had no problem defending against friends. Then she got to Harvard and started talking and debating with Joseph, a fellow student and Christian . . .

Friendships cut short on social media as people get ruder: survey,” Reuters

These days, people are more comfortable lobbing verbal bombs against people online than they are face-to-face.

What about you? Do your interactions through social media bring glory to God? How is your involvement with social media influencing how you love others?

Forgiveness — Matt Chandler Sermon Jam”

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