Resurgence roundup, 5/17/13

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Sail through the flood of information with our weekly Resurgence Roundups. Each Friday, we will share a list of articles across ministry tribes that our team has found helpful with the hope of serving you well.

The myth of endless growth,” by Larry Osborne

The idea that organizations—especially the church—can continually grow is hogwash, says Osborne and even a dangerous notion to believe.

Let this story of God’s provision strengthen your faith,” by Steve Fuller

This is the story of a man who left growing oranges to preach the gospel through the radio.

Why the rising social awareness in the church should encourage us,” by Justin Holcomb

The Gospel Coalition

Justin Holcomb writes on the growing awareness of violence and oppression in Christian circles and why this, ironically, should encourage the church. He provides some historical analysis and also cautions those in these new movements to watch out for the tendency to swing between extremes.

‘Dad Is Fat’: Jim Gaffigan’s refreshingly honest new book on parenting,” a review by Matt Schneider


Dad Is Fat is not the expected title of an encouraging parenting book. But perhaps we shouldn’t expect anything else from comedian Jeff Gaffigan? Schneider makes the case for why this book is a refreshing read of grace for parents.

Hear the first sounds off ‘The Good King’,” by Mars Hill Church

On Tuesday, June 11, Mars Hill Music will release the band Ghost Ship’s new album, The Good King. Check out this video preview for an audio sampling of the album’s 11 tracks, as well as links to past Ghost Ship and MHM releases.

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