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Sail through the flood of information with our weekly Resurgence Roundups. Each Friday, we will share a list of articles across ministry tribes that our team has found helpful with the hope of serving you well.

The Christian music industry: should we love it or leave it?” by Bobby Gilles

In a follow-up to his post, on why many Christians dislike the terms “Christian Rock” and “CCM,” Gilles asks this question: “But are we just talking about symptoms? If none of these reasons and problems existed, would it still be dangerous to have ‘Christian’ radio stations, record companies, publishing houses and individual bands and singer-songwriters?”

Caring for victims of sexual abuse,” by Matt Smethurst

The Gospel Coalition

The sad reality is that many people—people you know—have been sexually abused. How can the church respond with love and grace and care for victims of sexual abuse?

In this clip, Justin Holcomb, Trillia Newbell, and Matt Smethurst sit down together to share their personal stories and how the church can practically care for victims of sexual abuse.

Listening to young atheists: Lessons for a stronger Christianity,” by Larry Alex Taunton

The Atlantic

When a Christian foundation interviewed college nonbelievers about how and why they left religion, surprising themes emerged: young atheists often had attended church growing up, their churches’ messages were vague and responses to big questions were superficial, the high school years were decisive—and they expressed respect for those ministers who took the Bible seriously.

Fighting porn in the local church,” by Deepak Reju

Biblical Counseling Coalition

Viewing pornography is a growing epidemic. This isn’t something for “everyone” out there. This is a disease that is affecting countless Christians, both men and women alike. With this post (Part 7 in BCC’s series on counseling in the church), Deepak Reju will help you think through a plan in how you can graciously confront and help those who are struggling with viewing porn.

 “Everything I know about pastoral ministry I learned riding with pastors,” by Thabiti Anyabwile

The Gospel Coalition

We spend a lot of time in car and talking in cars—and end up with some memorable conversations, and even toss-away lines. Here Anyabwile shares what he’s learned from others as they were driving along the road.

Chandler’s The Explicit Gospel is free on audiobook this month!

Christian Audio

Even if you go to church, most people talk about “the gospel” and Jesus, and about being good and avoiding bad, but the message of his gospel simply isn’t there—at least not in its specificity and its fullness. Chandler’s book (one of our publications) is hugely helpful in spelling out clearly what the gospel of Jesus is and how to talk about it. If you’ve got hours to kill in the car or on the bus, you could do a lot worse than listening to this and learning while you commute.


Here are the posts we’ve put out here on Resurgence in the last seven days:

Lecrae’s 106 & Park interview 6/4/13


Host: “This is so crazy to me because you’ve got a Grammy, but not only do you have a Grammy and not only do you rap—but it’s for gospel. How does that make you feel?”

Lecrae does not miss the chance to preach as he talks with these two BET show hosts.

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