The 114-hour workweek, introverted leaders, and shared buildings: Resurgence roundup 7/26/13

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How many hours must a pastor work to satisfy the congregation?” by Thom Rainer

Church leader, how many hours does the congregation expect you to work?
How many hours do the elders expect you to work?
How many hours do the deacons expect you to work?
How many hours does your family expect you to work?

It’s been said before that the difference between expectation and reality is disappointment. As a church leader, it’s important to clarify the expectations of your family and church. This post from Dr. Rainer reflecting upon his own experience may just be the shot in the arm you need to do this.

Is your child a Christian?” by Brian Croft

The Gospel Coalition

The question posed in the title of this post is one that many parents wrestle with. “Admitting the obvious,” remarks Brian, “that we are not God and cannot see the heart—I maintain certain evidence can help us discern the legitimacy of a child or teenager's profession of faith.” Inspired by the work of Jonathan Edwards, Brian shares a simple template parents can use when answering this question.

What makes introverts great leaders?” by Justin Lathrop


Being an introvert does not disqualify you from being a leader. In fact, if you consider yourself an introvert, there are some leadership qualities you bring to the table that many extroverts do not.

Why share a church building?” by Kevin Larson

There are several advantages of a church sharing their space with another church. Here Kevin Larson explains the benefits his church has derived from sharing a building, such as conserving resources, displaying unity, and reinforcing grace.

On the Grace of God,” by Ed Stetzer

The Exchange

The grace of God is scandalous, free of charge, and completely different from our culture’s understanding of grace. Ed Stetzer recently sat down with Justin Holcomb to discuss his latest book, On the Grace of God.


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