Top 5 posts of August

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In case you missed any of the most popular posts in August, or if you just want to read them again, here are the top 5

5. “Where did the Bible come from?”

by Mark Driscoll

How did we get the Bible? Can we be sure that our Bible today is the same as what God inspired to be written? This post from Pastor Mark Driscoll explains the fascinating story of how the Bible got from God to us.



4. “Why Mars Hill uses the ESV Bible”

by Mark Driscoll

How should Christians and pastors evaluate the multitude of Bible translations and paraphrases available today? Which Bible translation is the best? Pastor Mark explains why Mars Hill Church has settled on the English Standard Version.




3. “7 key principles for interpreting the Bible,” 

by Mark Driscoll

The Bible is an ancient and complex book, yet it is God’s revelation to us. How can we be sure to interpret it correctly?




2. “6 punches that ko’d the church,”

by Mark Driscoll

In this video Pastor Mark explores the various blows that have seriously debilitated the church in recent years.




1. “8 misconceptions about the Bible,”

by Mark Driscoll

“How can you trust the Bible when it’s been translated so many times?” “Isn’t the Bible full of mistakes and contradictions?” Pastor Mark debunks these and other common misconceptions about the Bible.


From the vault 

“7 negative effects of porn,”


by BJ Stockman

Porn is not something anyone can “innocently” consume without experiencing any adverse effects. It’s like believing you can swallow poison in small amounts and not be harmed. With this post BJ Stockman explores seven negative effects of porn, including its contribution to the social and psychological problems within men, its effect of demeaning and objectifying women, and its lies about what it means to be male and female.  




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