Resurgence Leadership #003: Leadership Lessons from Jesus

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Resurgence Leadership #003: Leadership Lessons from Jesus

Jesus was the greatest leader of all time. Leaders—especially those within the church—can learn invaluable lessons from how Jesus assembled and deployed his leadership team.

On today’s episode of Resurgence Leadership, Pastor Mark Driscoll shares ten leadership lessons from Luke 6:12–16 in his session from Convergence 2012, presented by Catalyst at The City Church outside Seattle, Washington.


Show Notes

Here are the highlights from this week’s program:

  • Lesson 1: Pray first, and pray like you mean it
  • Lesson 2: The leader picks the team
  • Lesson 3: You can only provide an opportunity to succeed
  • Lesson 4: Get the men first
  • Lesson 5: Train the called, don’t call the trained
  • Lesson 6: Weird teams are the best teams
  • Lesson 7: Under authority before in authority
  • Lesson 8: Every team needs a leader
  • Lesson 9: Big teams need a smaller team within the team
  • Lesson 10: Persevere to the end


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