Valentine’s Day Roundup: Our Top 10 Dating & Marriage Posts

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Valentine’s Day Roundup: Our Top 10 Dating & Marriage Posts

We’ve got something special for you in this week’s edition of the Resurgence Roundup. For Valentine’s Day, we’ve collected our top ten posts of all time on dating and marriage. Happy Valentine’s Day!

#1) 5 Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife

By Perry Noble

There are five questions a man can ask his wife that communicates to her that you really do care. You might be amazed at what you learn about what your wife really thinks.

#2) 5 Notes On Dating For The Guys

By Brandon Andersen

Most young Christians have no idea what Christian dating looks like practically. Here are some insights to help Christian men date in a way that honors God.

#3) For The Gals: 8 Principles For Dating

By Jen Smidt

There are eight principles ladies should learn that will take much confusion and heartbreak out of the tumultuous dating process.

#4) A Poem For All Single People, Pass It On

By Resurgence

Spoken-word poet Janette…ikz performs a piece that does a great job of approaching the heart-level concerns of singleness while pointing to Jesus.

#5) The #1 Thing We’d Have Changed In Our Marriage

By Mark Driscoll

Pastor Mark and Grace answer a reader’s question: “If you could change one thing about the first ten years of your marriage, what would it be?”

#6) How To Honor Your Wife

By Mark Driscoll

If a woman marries a man, she’s trusting him with the rest of her life. Gentlemen, it is a terrifying thing for a woman to trust a sinful man. Here’s how to honor your wife.

#7) The Truth About Marital Compatibility

By Phil Smidt

Our culture highly values compatibility in marriage and believes that if you find “the one,” harmony will naturally ensue. The Bible, however, teaches that harmonious marriages are anything but natural.

#8) Where Is “The Line” In Dating?

By Mark Driscoll

There is a powerful illusion that sexual sin is only what we do with our hands, and not also what we do with our hearts. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering where to draw the line with intimacy in dating.

#9) An Excellent Wife Is Forged, Not Found

By Jen Smidt

No man goes out and finds a woman who is pure wife perfection and marries her. Neither of them truly knows what that even looks like yet! The truth is, an excellent wife is not found, but forged.

#10) Missionary Dating And Other Bad Ideas

By Mark Driscoll

Many Christians justify romantic relationships with non-Christians by calling it an opportunity for evangelism, a.k.a. “missionary dating.” Don’t fall for it.


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