Resurgence Leadership #005: Crawford Loritts at R13

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Crawford Lorrits at R13

This week’s episode of Resurgence Leadership features Crawford Loritts’ session at R13. This is a personal message drawn from decades of experience as a ministry leader, pastor, and father that dissects the anatomy of pressure from the depths of Psalm 55.



Pastor Crawford describes how God uses pressure to move us past self-reliance and into a Christ-exalting dependence. Here are a few highlights:

  • Success is your biggest enemy in ministry. The problem with success is that it seduces you into self-reliance and you begin to trust the resource over the source.
  • Pressure is always a call to humility.
  • Greatness is never the product of giftedness. Greatness is always the product of faithfulness.
  • Whatever God wants to give you, he’ll bring it to you.
  • Never prostitute your principles for affirmation.





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