Our Top 5 Posts of February

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Our Top 5 Posts of February

Here are some of our most trafficked posts from the month of February. Read them for the first time, read them again, or share them with your friends like your favorite food.

#5) How to Be There When Your friend Is Suffering

By Jessica Thompson

When someone you love is hurting, it can sometimes feel hard to know what to do or say without sounding trite. How can we love others through suffering without platitudes?

#4) 5 Things to Look for in a Good Bible Teacher

By Mark Driscoll

If you’re looking for a preacher to learn from, or if you aspire to teach the Word to others, here are five traits of a good Bible teacher that we learn from the legacy of Levi.

#3) 5 Ways to Make Your Sermons Stick When Preaching to Students

By Adam Ramsey

The high calling of every parent and preacher is to faithfully pass on the baton of faith to the next generation. Here are five ways to make the message stick.

#2) 10 Bad Reasons to Be a Pastor

By Dave Bruskas

There are some good reasons to be a pastor, and there are some reasons that just aren’t enough. This is the third installment in an 8-part series called Preparing to Lead.

#1) The #1 Thing We’d Have Changed in Our Marriage

By Mark Driscoll

If Pastor Mark Driscoll and Grace could change one thing about their marriage, what would it be?

A bonus because we care

Be sure to check out our latest series Praying for Jesus’ Church. This is a new ongoing series on Resurgence where we share what God is doing through various local churches around the world and how you can join us in prayer for them.


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