Resurgence Leadership #017: Tim Keller on Being the Church In Our Culture

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Resurgence Leadership #017: Tim Keller on Being the Church In Our Culture

Cities are powerful. They shape the culture of a society. Tim Keller argues that’s one of the reasons we need more Christians inhabiting cities and living as good neighbors who understand the power of the gospel.

In this week’s episode of Resurgence Leadership, Dr. Tim Keller explains what it looks like to be the church in our culture in this two-part message recorded live at a 2006 Resurgence event in Seattle.



Here are some highlights from this week’s program:

We need more Christians living long-term in cities, creating a dynamic counter-culture.

As the city goes, so goes the culture. Cities are the culture-forming womb of a society.

There’s nothing in the Bible saying you’ve got to live in cities, but there’s everything saying you should want to.

We don’t have to take over the cities; we just have to takes jobs, serve in the neighborhood, and be good neighbors.

Religion: “I obey; therefore God accepts me.” The gospel: “I’m accepted because of what Jesus has done, so I obey.”

If you feel good about yourself because you’re a hardworking person, you’ll feel superior to people you see as lazy.

Christians are to be an alternative city in every city.




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