Resurgence Leadership #020: Content Strategy and the Gospel

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Pastor Mark Driscoll offers insight for churches and ministries on how to generate content that's effective and faithful to the gospel message of "first importance" (1 Cor. 15:3), in this message from ReTrain, January 2013.

How can a church or a ministry communicate effectively within a culture of constant noise and distractions? In this lecture from ReTrain 2013, Pastor Mark Driscoll offers insight for pastors and leaders on how to develop a content strategy through: 

  1. Content aggregation
  2. Content creation
  3. Content multiplication
  4. Content distribution
  5. Content defending



Here are some highlights from this week’s program:

The gospel is something that must be spoken, it cannot just be shown.

Our goal is to be faithful with content and use whatever means we possibly can to get the good news of Jesus out.

For the church of Jesus Christ, the message about who Jesus is and what he’s done always comes first.

We don’t try to make the gospel relevant; we show the relevance of the gospel.

Today, communication is instant, constant, global, and permanent.

It takes three things to make a tribe: a leader, a message, and a means by which they communicate.

Content creation is super-important, especially for those who are lead pastors.

Communication and content cannot just be creator-centered; it has to be receiver-centered.

We want our people to take what they’re learning and share gospel-centered content with their networks.



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