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Here are some of our most-read posts from the month of June. We’ve listed them here so you can read them for the first time, read them again, or share them with your friends.

#5) 4 Ways Pastors’ Kids Need Grace

By Resurgence

Preachers’ kids face a unique set of pressures, but they are often misunderstood. Here are a few important ways the church can learn to understand and extend grace to PKs.

#4) 5 Things Every Student Ministry Must Have to be Successful

By Brad Cooper

Cultivating a thriving youth ministry takes vision, faith, and lots of hard work. Here is some practical advice for building a successful student ministry.

#3) 5 Ways the Holy Spirit Works in the Life of a Believer

By Sutton Turner

My wife and I have a fun saying between us where we’ll ask the other, “Has your friend said anything to you lately?” I love the Holy Spirit. He’s the greatest friend I have.

#2) 7 Negetive Effects of Porn

By BJ Stockman

This is a rather frank post on porn, so proceed, or not, with that in mind.

#1) 7 Ways to Follow God’s Will For Your Wait

By Paul Tripp

Sometimes God calls us to wait, and that is hard. But waiting for God is not passive; it is active, purposeful, and spiritual.

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