Top 5 Posts of July

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With the close of July, we revisit some of the most-read posts of last month. We have listed them here so you can read them for the first time, read them again, or share them with a friend.

#5) Marriage & Minstry: Adam & Eve

By Mark Driscoll

In July, Pastor Mark began a new series of coaching videos on marriage and ministry. This post begins the series with a look at the first ministry marriage we find in Scripture—Adam and Eve.

#4) Marriage & Minstry: Lot & His Wife

By Mark Driscoll

In this coaching video, the second in the series, Pastor Mark continues his consideration of marriage, ministry, and ministry marriages. Genesis 19 is the scene for what the Bible records about this ministry marriage—Lot and his wife.

#3) Best Books: Finally Alive

By Mark Driscoll

Our Best Books series focuses on essential reading for Christian leaders. In this post from the series, Pastor Mark discusses the book, Finally Alive, by John Piper.

#2) Redeeming Summer Reading

By Mark Driscoll

July’s second top post centers on practical ways to make summer reading an opportunity to develop in your children an enjoyment of God’s Word.

#1) Ten Vacation Tips for Dad

By Mark Driscoll

Summer vacation can be the stage for some of your family’s best memories, but great vacations don’t just happen. They take planning, preparation, and a tempering of expectations. This post offers some guidelines on how to make it happen.

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