Good News for Weary Women

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Elyse Fitzpatrick loves the church and pours herself into it every week. The church isn’t perfect, though, and in this video she confronts the unhealthy messages we often hear from the body of believers.

This is a session from the companion DVD to Good News for Weary Women, Elyse’s latest book. In it, Elyse touches on the good and the bad that have come out of feminism, the biblical femininity movement, and well-intentioned teaching on how to be a virtuous woman. These messages all too often put pressure on people to do better and try harder. This is bad news, but the gospel is good news. This good news of Jesus’ accomplishments on our behalf frees women from the pressures of everything they’re told they should be by showing them how Jesus has already done the work. Because of Jesus, weary women can rest easy.

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