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The Book

A Father’s Insights For Men On Life’s Significant Milestones

We’re living through a profound crisis of masculinity, fostered by a media culture that idolizes youth and demonizes the strong male role. As a result, young men in their twenties and thirties aren’t encouraged to grow up, and their energy and talent are being squandered. The absence of fathers and male mentors leaves many young men spiraling emotionally, spiritually, and financially for years.

Pastor Dave Bruskas Envisions A Better Future—One In Which Young Men Can Flourish And Take Their God-Given Seat At Life’s Table.

Twenty years ago, Dave lost his infant son to a congenital heart defect. That devastating loss has fueled his desire to provide effective mentoring to young men ever since. Dear Son contains the insights Pastor Dave has given hundreds of young men and would have given his son if he had lived through life’s key milestones:

  • first dates and first jobs
  • weddings and births
  • graduations, and much more

You won’t want to miss the timeless wisdom from this sonless father for the millions of men who are, at heart, fatherless sons.

What others are saying

“If you feel that God is nudging you to use your business skills in His kingdom, but you don't know how that could possibly work for you, you should read Sutton's book.”  

Rick Holliday

Executive Director
North Point Ministries
Atlanta, GA 

“Sutton's book on this topic is a strong challenge to laymen in the church to consider how God may be leading them into a more significant place of service. If you are a serious man of God, if you'd like to apply your business acumen for kingdom work, if you desire to come alongside pastors and leaders and provide practical wisdom and skill to insure greater outcomes in ministry — then I say, read on!”

John Collins

Executive Pastor
Harvest Christian Fellowship
Riverside, CA

“I highly recommend this book if you want your Church to make an impact and have influence."

Grant Thomson

Global Marketing Director
Hillsong Church
Sydney, Australia

“Pastor Sutton does a fantastic job in this book painting the picture of what this transition can look like as well as how effective you can be for the Kingdom. There is great wisdom found in his story along with application for yours.”

Layne Schranz

Executive Pastor
Church of the Highlands
Birmingham, AL

“I found Invest helpful in its call to successful, trained and called businessmen to consider bringing their skills from the world of business to the local church.”

Tim Challies

Grace Fellowship Church
Toronto, ON

The Author

Dave Bruskas

Dave Bruskas serves as an executive elder of Mars Hill Church. He is also the teaching pastor, overseeing all lead pastors at each Mars Hill location. Dave planted City on a Hill Church in his hometown of Albuquerque in 2001. He pastored that church for ten years before transitioning into Mars Hill Albuquerque. He remained lead pastor at that church until moving to Seattle in 2011 to take on the role of executive elder. Dave frequently teaches at all fourteen Mars Hill locations as well as at The Resurgence Training Center (ReTrain). He has been married to his wife, Kara, for twenty-six years and has four daughters.

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