Resurgence Roundup, 12/13/13

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Resurgence Roundup, 12/13/13

In the weekly Resurgence Roundup, I compile some of the interesting content I find online, as it pertains to the church and the people God has called us to reach. This week I’ve offered my take on each piece.

Wife of American pastor held in Iran blasts administration for not doing enough to free him

I’m thankful that the story of American pastor Saeed Abedini imprisoned in Iran has stayed in the headlines. As a pastor, husband, and father, I find the treatment of my brother horrifying. I have been praying for his wife and children and encourage others to do the same. What they are enduring is something that is unimaginable and evil. Read the story on Fox News.

Nelson Mandela and the ironies of history

With the passing of Nelson Mandela, there is a great deal of commentary and reflection on this revered world leader. As is often the case, Albert Mohler has provided some history and insight on the life and legacy of Mandela. Read the whole piece by Albert Mohler.

$50M awarded over birth defect; test said baby would be OK

We’ve probably all heard of a wrongful death lawsuit. But now, from the town where I went to high school, comes a story about a “wrongful birth” case in which a couple has been awarded $50 million because they were not given information about a possible birth defect that would have caused them to abort their unborn child. In my pastoral experience, this kind of thing leads doctors to give a lot of worst-case scenario information to pregnant women in an effort to lessen their own liability, while heightening the anxiety of the mother. Read the full story in The Seattle Times.

Baby boomer grandparents trying not to sound ‘grand’

Apparently, baby boomers do not want to be called grandparents, because it makes them sound old. Personally, I like to be called pretty much anything that starts with “grand.” Read more in USA Today.

How dads affect kids’ brain function

This article is very interesting. In a day when some say 40% of kids go to bed without a dad and the majority of kids born to women ages 30 and under are born out of wedlock, along comes research saying that a dad helps particular brain functions develop in a child. Read about the research in WORLD Magazine (subscription or free trial required).

The case for raising your child with two religions

Right now I’m preaching through Malachi, and in the second chapter we find one of the strongest prohibitions against interfaith marriage in the entire Bible (Mal. 2:10–12). Yet interfaith marriage is increasingly common, with The Economist reporting that upwards of 45% of American marriages are interfaith. Now, a recent article in TIME argues for raising a child with two religions.

Sally Lloyd-Jones, ‘Jesus Storybook Bible’ author, sells over 1,000,000 books

Congratulations to Sally Lloyd-Jones as The Jesus Storybook Bible has surpassed 1 million in sales. This is a wonderful kids Bible that my own children love. It also makes a great Christmas present. Read more about Lloyd-Jones and her work in The Huffington Post.


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