Staffing a Women’s Midweek Study

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Staffing a Women’s Midweek Study

Once you have thought through hospitality, identified leadership, and planned out the schedule for your Women’s Midweek Study, it’s time to staff the event so that all responsibilities are clearly assigned.

Clarifying the various roles and responsibilities within the structure of your women’s event makes it possible for many hands to make light work. Here’s an outline of one way to structure the roles in a Women’s Midweek Study. Two women may share some of these roles, provided their responsibilities are clearly delineated.

Women’s Ministry Coordinator

  • Serves as the primary Women’s Ministry leadership position at the local church
  • Is identified by the Lead Pastor in cooperation with the Director of Women’s Ministry
  • Reports to the Biblical Living Pastor or Community Groups Director (unless otherwise determined by the Lead Pastor)
  • Accountable for Women’s Ministry Air War (special events, teaching, training days, content, and media) and Ground War (women’s training, equipping and growth via coaching, leadership development, and discipleship)
  • Serves as gatekeeper for teaching and theological content
  • May function as Teaching Coordinator (more on this below)
  • Oversees coaching of Table Leads
  • Recruits, trains, and oversees a women’s leadership team, which includes the Women’s Midweek Study Lead

Women’s Midweek Study (WMS) Lead

  • Reports to Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Accountable for all components of the WMS
  • Recruits, trains, and oversees: WMS Department Lead, WMS Admin Lead, Teaching Coordinator, and Table Captain
  • Oversees Concierge program as initial point of contact for new participants
  • Serves as emcee at meetings and ensures timely communication of announcements
  • May function as Teaching Coordinator

WMS Department Lead

  • Reports to the WMS Lead
  • Recruits, trains, and oversees: Children’s Program Coordinator, Children’s Program Admin, Children’s Program Room Leads, Security, Concierge, Hospitality Lead, Room Decor Lead
  • Assists with coaching Table Leads and ensures all tables are staffed on meeting day
  • Communicates with WMS Admin Lead regarding table assignments
  • Initial point of contact for new participants, sends welcome emails with instructions for group placement in cooperation with WMS Admin Lead
  • May serve as emcee at meetings
  • Liaison for all facility logistics

Clarifying the various roles and responsibilities within the structure of your women’s event makes it possible for many hands to make light work.

WMS Administration Lead

  • Reports to WMS Lead and responsible for the following:
  • Promotions and communications (City group, weekly church handout, media, printed materials, nametags)
  • Manages registration, fees, book sales, hospitality budget, and reimbursements for supplies
  • Assists with event coordination (facilities, productions, security, hospitality, concierge)
  • Keeps track of attendance and table assignments
  • Coordinates with Table Leads to facilitate placements into community group
  • This person may recruit a team to assist with the responsibilities listed above

Teaching Coordinator

  • Reports to WMS Lead and responsible for the following:
  • Creates teaching schedule
  • Recruits qualified and approved speakers, reviews speaking notes at least one week in advance, communicates expectations and teaching assignments, offers evaluation
  • Prays with speaker and ensures needs are met prior to speaking (water, sound check, etc.)
  • Coordinates with speaker to provide questions for table discussion
  • Serves as a gatekeeper for theological content

Table Captain

  • Reports to WMS Lead and responsible for the following:
  • Recruits, trains, and oversees all table leads (goal is to have two table leads per table)
  • Ensures all tables are staffed on day of event
  • Communicates with WMS Admin regarding table assignments and tracking Community Group connection
  • Coaches Table Leads

Table Lead

  • Reports to Table Captain and responsible for the following:
  • Prepared with weekly discussion questions, using material provided by WMS Lead or teacher
  • Facilitates discussion at the table in response to the teaching or testimony
  • Redirects conversation when necessary to stay on topic, prevent gossip, and encourage respect of others
  • Ask inviting and engaging questions to ensure all table members are included in the discussion
  • Seek to address issues of the heart from a gospel perspective
  • Should be a member of a community group and able to connect women to a group
  • Primary gateway to encourage and facilitate connection to community groups
  • Ideal if they have Redemption Group or counseling experience

Hospitality Lead

  • Sets up, tears down, and cleans up coffee, supplies, and snacks
  • Coordinates with Table Leads for snack schedule

Room Decor Lead

  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Provide linens and table decorations
  • Ensure use of signage



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