Top 5 Posts of May

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Here are some of our most-read posts from the month of May. We’ve listed them here so you can read them for the first time, read them again, or share them with your friends.

#5) What’s So Hard About Leading a Church?

By Resurgence

Pastoring a church is no walk in the park. Even Forbes recognizes it as one of the toughest leadership roles around. Here’s why.

#4) What Kind of Church Should You Belong To?

By Dave Bruskas

Being in a healthy local church is critical to the spiritual health of men. But how do you know if you’re in a healthy church?

#3) Gospel-Driven Productivity: A Q&A With Matt Perman

By Joe Stengele

Why should Christians care about productivity? Does Jesus want us to be productive? Get answers to these questions and more in this Q&A with the author of a recent book on gospel-motivated productivity.

#2) 7 Ways to Follow God’s Will For Your Wait

By Paul Tripp

Sometimes God calls us to wait, and that is hard. But waiting for God is not passive; it is active, purposeful, and spiritual.

#1) 3 Ways a Man Should Lead His Home

By Dave Bruskas

A man who loves Jesus and leads his family well has at least three roles in common with the man who is called to lead the church.




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